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Videos: Appt of Judge Dato to 4th/1st

Dear All,

This is why I really went to San Francisco last week.  Besides wanting to watch the CJP v. State Auditor hearing, I had an appointment in the Chief Justice’s office.

The Chief Justice said I could not have a copy of the Feb 2017 video of the appointment of Judge Dato to the 4th/1st appellate court.  But they said that I could come into the SF Supreme Court offices to view it.  So I did on August 16th.

I was fully expecting that I would have to transcribe what was said.  But for some unknown reason when I got there they let me film the key excerpts I wanted with my cell phone.

A clerk and a deputy sheriff sat in the room with me as I did it. They were very nice young men and extremely helpful.

So below, is the first of several video excerpts that I will be sharing with those who have been trying to understand how it is even possible that the CA courts have become so dysfunctional.

It’s a video of San Diego Judge Joel Pressman and Chief Justice Tani Cantil Sakauye cracking jokes about “harmless error” in a room filled with judges and justices who thought their jokes were hysterical. (Pressman was the presiding judge of the North San Diego County Superior Court in 2008-09 when Dato was first assigned there.)

I think I may have been the only one in the room that February day who did not find the inside joke to be the lease bit funny — given all the lives that I know that are being ruined by unpunished and unrepentant judicial misconduct that is in no way harmless, nor even mere error.

I was there to witness the off color remarks b/c I spoke against the appointment of Dato. He’s played a key role in concealment of fraudulent and back-dated, void judgments; and interest accruing liens not even possible to be real in fixed SLAPP over a matter impacting public health — along with his joke-cracking bud Pressman and several justices already seated in the 4th/1st.

Making the poor taste jokes even more unfunny, Cantil-Sayauke had direct evidence of the unrepentant and unpunished fraud upon the court involving Dato at the time she was cracking the below sick joke. She then chose to elevate Dato to the 4th/1st where he will review for “harmless errors” of all San Diego judges.

VIDEO of Pressman and Cantil-Sakauye making jokes about “harmless error” while appointing complicit to fraud upon the court Judge Dato to be Justice Dato.

I spoke shortly after Judge Pressman and retired Justice Howard Weiner spoke.  Cantil-Sakauye and CA Attorney General Xavier Becarra spoke shortly after me.

More video snippets from Feb to come that illustrate the amazing above-the-law, no-fear-of-prosecution mentality of California’s judicial branch.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why the CJP is fighting so hard to keep their confidential handling of judicial misconduct complaints, hidden from the State Auditor’s eyes — and there’s nothing funny about it.

Sharon Kramer


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