Veritox means Truth-Poison

Working to stop the institutionalized discrimination of the Toxic Mold Disabled (TMD) since 2004


This blog is owned by Sharon Noonan Kramer of Escondido, California.  My email address is  My phone number is 760-822-8026.

The blog’s primary purpose is to communicate with state and federal agencies and employees along with their NGO partners without having to attach a mountain of evidence to mailings.

The goal of this blog is to cause the institutionalized discrimination and bullying of those disabled by “Toxic Mold” to cease in physician educational materials, health department advisories, claims handling practices and toxic torts.

It’s titled “Veritox means ‘Truth Poison” because the false concept that it’s scientifically proven “Toxic Mold” can never reach a level to disable or kill is based on a widely marketed, bogus risk assessment model “the Veritox Theory”.

The Veritox Theory is a linear dose no threshold (LNT) risk model concocted by Bruce J. KELMAN & Bryan D. HARDIN in 2001. They are two of the six co-owners of Veritox, Inc. It’s a nonsequetur that proves nothing about TMD. In 2003 they accepted no less than $25,000 to fraudulently profess that it proves: “Thus the notion that Toxic Mold is an insidious secret killer as so many media reports and trial lawyers would claim, is Junk Science unsupported by actual scientific study.”  “A Scientific View of the Health Effects of Mold” by HARDIN & KELMAN for U.S. Chamber of Commerce July 17, 2003. They are crooked toxicologists with PhDs who rely on the bogus Veritox Theory as Toxic Mold expert defense witnesses hired by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), private sector insurers and others. It’s a cost shifting scheme to avoid financial responsibility for causation of disability and death from “Toxic Mold”.

Mr. Kelman comes to the mold issue circa 2000 after many years of being an expert defense witness for Big Tobacco.  Mr. Hardin comes to the issue upon his retirement in 2000 as a Deputy Director of CDC National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

For the purpose this blog “Toxic Mold Disabled” (TMD) means people harmed from exposure to multiple biocontaminants that are often found in water damaged buildings (WDB) and experience long term or permanent neurocognitive impairments, multi-symptom multi-system chronic inflammations (CIRS-WDB), newly acquired environmental intolerances (IE), debilitating chronic fatigue (ME/CFS) and sometimes death.

Suicides occur among the TMD from the institutionalized discrimination and mistreatment they experience from the false concept that it is scientifically proven by the bogus Veritox Theory that a WDB could not have caused the symptoms they claim.

It’s long past time for the United States government to make the discrimination and the bullying of the TMD, their advocates, researchers and treating physicians, stop!

The science over TMD can be complex, but the Veritox Theory is simple. It’s FRAUD to market the concept that it’s proven biocontaminants in water damaged buildings cannot reach a level to cause the symptoms of TMD based on two fraudsters with PhDs applying extrapolations to data they took from someone else’s research.


Your thoughts?

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