18.08.21 FINAL Reply to Roddypdf for website-page-0

“KRAMER prays that the presiding officer of this court, the Hon. Earl H. Maas, III, makes KELMAN’s and VERITOX’s relentless harassment of her end by denying the Application to Renew the Void Judgment.”

MOTION MADE UNDER DURESS to Vacate/Stop the Renewal of the Void Judgment 

Page             Exhibit No.

1,2               1. 5.8.18 Notice of Substitution for Kelman only 

10-59          5. ROA from GIN044539 “SLAPP”
113-114      11. The VERITOX THEORY
192              22. 10.14.08 Scheuer submission of costs
194-199      & Kramer’s 2015 Request that McConnell recall Remittiturs


February 7, 2017 VIDEO of Judge Joel Pressman cracking jokes with Chief Justice Cantil-Sakayue about “harmless error”; while Kramer is asking Attorney General Becerra to investigate this epic, ongoing crime to defraud the public by use of the Void Judgment.

18.07.17 Court Life Sentence of Harassment by Veritox   *****************************




2018-07-13 Kelman, et al. vs Kramer-certified transcript

18.07.16 Court Ruling By Judge Earl Maas III Enabling Renewal of Void Judgment

October 28, 2011 Minute Order issued by Judge Earl Maas III saying the Minute Order should be amended to acknowledge that Kramer prevailed over GlobalTox.

18.07.18 Renewal of Void Judgment as enabled by Maas.  He KNOWS it fraudulently does not state by decree that Kramer prevailed over GlobalTox (Veritox) in trial.

18.07.31 Complaint for court clerks falsifying the electronic case file to accommodate the renewal of the void judgment (that fraudulently does not state Kramer prevailed over GlobalTox).

18.08.21 Second complaint to court for falsification of electronic case records.